six weeks Wwoof, Wwoof, Wwoofing! How to travel on a shoestring and have the time of your life


‘Wwoof’ stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and ‘Wwoofing’ refers to carrying out work on organic farms voluntarily for about four to six hours a day in return for food and accommodation. Basically, it’s an amazing way to travel on a very low budget and, arguably, you will have a far more rewarding experience than travelling around spending lots of money on accommodation, meals out and paying to get into tourist attractions.

Personally, as someone who has done a little bit of travelling, I found the Wwoofing experience infinitely more meaningful than just making my way around Europe, taking in sights and experiences but not giving anything back, like you do with Wwoofing. Wwoofing is likely to appeal to someone who’s interested in sustainable living, being more self-sufficient and growing their own food organically. I spent six weeks Wwoofing in England, but you can do it pretty much…

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About Lauren Bray

Passionate about many things including healthy, low impact/sustainable living, vegetarianism, alternative health and using therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance mine and my family's lives.
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