How to escape your soul-destroying day job!

The current state of affairs

Being worried about money, stressed, unhappy at work; worried about the future seems to be the default setting for a lot of people today. But should work, where in most cases, we spend most of waking life should rob us of our zest for life? Leaving us feeling threadbare, emotionally depleted, time-poor, compromising our health, the quality of our relationships, the care of our children, our self-worth? I believe not. It doesn’t have to be this way.


The answer for me was to start network marketing, this is self-employment that allows you to work the hours you want, when you want. Network marketing, also known as direct selling is booming, as savvy people realise the amazing benefits it offers. It is focused on promoting products that you personally use and crucially that you stand behind and believe in. Believing in your product is key, because network selling success is reliant on people trusting you and your recommendation.  The company I choose to align myself with is essential oils company doTERRA, basically because I can’t fault it for ethics and quality of product.

Let’s break it down some more

doTERRA is a multi-level marketing company and just in case you’re wondering; multi-level organisations are not pyramid schemes, pyramid schemes are in fact illegal. In the case of doTERRA and other multi-level marketing companies, the essential oils aren’t sold retail and the company relies on independent product consultants to distribute their products i.e. network marketing. This model is effective because people need to be educated and supported to use oils correctly and to know what they can be used for, in order to get the most benefit from them. Customers get to purchase the oils at wholesale prices and consultants get generously rewarded from money that would usually be spent on advertising and marketing.

Starting small

In the case of doTERRA essential oils, when you start having fantastic experiences with them, you naturally tell friends and family about them. Then those friends and family want to try them because a trusted friend has had amazing results and recommended them. A recommendation from a friend, family member, or someone you know carries a lot more weight than that of a stranger in a shop. This is the beauty of network marketing.

Taking it bigger

In terms of network marketing, some people just want to earn a little bit of extra money by sharing casually with those in their existing network like this. However, others wish to make it into a business and to share the products (essential oils in this case) with greater numbers of people. The reasons for this vary, they may like to bring in extra income or to replace or multiply their current income and they see an opportunity to change their circumstances and to change their life with financial freedom. Financial freedom means time freedom, more quality time with family and friends and more time to pursue your dreams. It’s also brilliant for stay at home parents and those who wish to remain stay at home parents, while still earning.

Why not?

There are a few common barriers people put up when they think of the idea of starting their own business. They think they don’t know how, that they don’t have the skills and they think they don’t have enough money. I would say to this; don’t let your confidence doubts road block you from taking charge of your life. The key attributes you need are persistence, resilience and commitment, as well as genuine passion for the product. No other particular, specific skill set is needed. If you are a genuine, hard-working person, who cares about natural alternatives (in the case of doTERRA) and who wants to help others, you are the type of person who will likely succeed and create abundance for you and your family.


If you don’t think you have the spare cash, remember; usually starting a business costs thousands, you either need to have your own funds, or you need to take out a loan. But to start with many network marketing companies, such as doTERRA, you just need to invest in an initial kit, for example, the most inexpensive kit with doTERRA is AUD $174. You need this so that you have a good selection of oils to share with others and so you can incorporate the oils into your daily life, allowing you to share authentically from the heart about how you use them and how they help you.

I’m not a salesperson…

Do you think this sounds like pushy sales? Not at all, in the case of a quality product like doTERRA, the oils sell themselves; you just need to facilitate this by giving people the opportunity to experience them. It’s very problem – solution focused. Someone says they are suffering with a particular complaint, you recommend an oil, they try it, it works for them and then they want to buy the oil. This key aspect of helping people is incredibly rewarding and it’s an extra bonus when you can make money doing it. If you don’t know many people, you just need to reach outside your network and promote classes on social media, or put up some flyers.

More on that note, I would say that I’m the least salesy time person out there. I hate to think that I might be encouraging someone to get a product that they don’t want or need. I’m definitely not the fast talking type and historically I’ve felt pretty socially awkward and had a fear of public speaking. However, what I’ve learnt is that all goes out the window when I’m talking about something I’m passionate about and believe in.   Plus the only way to succeed in this business is to help others succeed, which is a wonderful model, no more competitive, individualistic mentality. There is support galore. When you join, you receive access to amazing online support groups, comprehensive training and one on one mentorship, so you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Next steps

I love learning about essential oils and seeing the amazement on people’s faces when they hear about all the things they can be used for, from immune support to non-toxic cleaning and in cooking.  It’s an absolute bonus that I can make my living from sharing information that can help everyone, plus I’m my own boss. So I just wanted to sow a seed with you, to give you a little bit of information about an alternative way and if you are interested in learning more, no matter where in the world you are, please get in touch at I’d love to chat with you. For more information about doTERRA oils in particular, please check out my facebook page (website coming soon) and

More interesting information

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Passionate about many things including healthy, low impact/sustainable living, vegetarianism, alternative health and using therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance mine and my family's lives.
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