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Passionate about many things including healthy, low impact/sustainable living, vegetarianism, alternative health and using therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance mine and my family's lives.

Breaking the Plastic addiction – a how to

I get a bit upset about the completely unnecessary plastic packaging we see in our shops; I snapped these pics at Countdown recently…     As you can see, there are apples, avocados and grapes encapsulated in plastic galore. What … Continue reading

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How to escape your soul-destroying day job!

The current state of affairs Being worried about money, stressed, unhappy at work; worried about the future seems to be the default setting for a lot of people today. But should work, where in most cases, we spend most of … Continue reading

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six weeks Wwoof, Wwoof, Wwoofing! How to travel on a shoestring and have the time of your life

Originally posted on Hanna:
‘Wwoof’ stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and ‘Wwoofing’ refers to carrying out work on organic farms voluntarily for about four to six hours a day in return for food and accommodation. Basically, it’s…

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Easy Chocolate & Peppermint Fudge

The first of my recipes using doTERRA Essential Oils. Remember not all essential oils are created equal. Some have fillers added and are not safe to be eaten, so make sure you are using a food grade oil. A pure essential … Continue reading

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Oily beginnings.

I decided to visit the London Mind, Body and Spirit Festival and there I came across a lovely lady with a stall with doTerra Essential Oils. I was immediately curious and drawn in thinking of beautiful, calming aromas. She invited … Continue reading

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Freedom from Facebook

I am approximately two months free of Facebook. You could call it a social experiment, or a life change. Either way, if you have ever entertained the idea of breaking away from Facebook’s sed… Source: Freedom from Facebook

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Musings on a month living in a Scottish eco-village

Findhorn is an eco-village nestled in the north of Scotland, and has been in existence for around 50 years. It is also a spiritual community, but is not aligned with any particular religion or set … Source: Musings on a month … Continue reading

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